Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It is stinkin' cold here. Not inside my house, mind you, but everywhere else. It dumped nine inches of snow on us yesterday and it's been freezing ever since. When the dog goes outside to do his doggie duty, he has to leap and lunge through the several layers of flakes. When Garrett goes outside I have to carry him or else he'd be buried up to his bum (he has short legs). When I go outside I shiver and dash to the nearest vehicle, if it happens to be mine, well, all the better. It's beautiful. But man if it isn't dang chilly.

I am visiting San Diego in nine days. Praise God! I have never looked forward to being warm more than I do right now. I am picturing a sunny, 90 degree, So Cal summer. I realize that it will probably be more like 60 degrees and overcast. But guess what, 60 degrees will feel like 90. And I can't wait.


  1. Yay, you're coming to San Diego! Maybe, when you get here, you can find a reason not to go back to the tundra. Garrett told me he wants to hang out with me for a few months anyway.

  2. 8 days..but Math never was your strong suit. Can't wait!!!

  3. This comment is in response to my mother:

    When I posted the blog, yesterday, it was nine days until my trip.

    Today it is eight days.

    But it's okay because for some strange reason I first said that I was going to San Diego in twelve days. Then I had to edit it to nine. I don't know where 12 came from.

  4. oooooooh, have so much fun. i'm actually jealous of your snow, you saw our pidly (sp?) excuse for snow didn't you? how frustrating!