Friday, January 4, 2008

Forty six!

Something is wrong. It's 46 degrees outside and I feel like we're having a heat wave. I'm walking around wearing jeans and a thin turtleneck. And by walking around I mean, of course, wandering halfway down my street to the mailbox. Usually I'm cold in southern California when it's below 72. Would someone like to explain how 46 is feeling perfectly toasty? Is it psychological?


  1. Hey, that's 42 degrees higher than that man at your church said it was going to be one day last week. It practically is the Sahara.

  2. Well, you see, its sort of psychological. Temperature, and therefore hot and cold, is all relative. You yourself were getting used to about 25-30 degrees. So 46 will feel like some great weather. You'll come to San Diego (soon!) and it will feel downright scorching. Then, just as you get used to our weather (or lack thereof) it will be time to go back to the Beehive state (baaahahaha) which, no matter what, will feel positively chilled. Hope that helps. Man, I'm a smarty!

  3. KUDOS! It took me forever to acclimate to the cold weather… and it is insane that what once would have caused you to turn blue now is a cause to strip a layer off. It’s so nice to go back to Cali though – you hardly ever have to travel with bulky jackets or sweaters 