Tuesday, January 8, 2008

*UPDATED* In The Fishbowl: Item One

I thought that my blog could use a little something fishy since, you know, we live in fishbowl and all. And it is so true that we do. Sometimes, when Garrett is pitching some toddler tizzy and working himself into a psychotic frenzy, I start thinking that Troy is going to lose his job on account of the fact that we cannot adequately control our tiny tyke. I mean, what, on earth, is teenagedom going to look like? (Let me clarify that the church has not told Troy that his job hinges on the behavior of our son, and that is a very good thing.) Right now he's not being naughty at all, though. He's sitting on the couch watching Spongebob. Unfortunately, this is one of those times that no one is watching. They've gone to bed and we've retreated inside our Buddha Head Freshwater Aquarium Decor. Oh yes, there is a Buddha Head inside this fishbowl with us. Why, you ask? We don't know. We didn't decorate our own fishbowl. So we just take what we get and swim on down through the top of Buddha's scalp and have dinner. Last night, while Troy was at his meeting, I'm ashamed to admit, it was corn dogs. (Anyone else find it funny that Buddha has no brain?) Anyway, all that talk to simply say, "I hope you like the new template because it's staying. I lost all my previous html and had to try to remember what I had from memory because I am not at all bloggity savvy and am, in fact, kind of computer illiterate."

Today the wee one and I went to the post office and the bank and Dollar Tree to buy fruit snacks. See, I started giving him vitamins that taste just like fruit snacks and he cries because he can't have them by the handful. I let him have a baggie of them today (fruit snacks not vitamins) to curb his hunger and, when they were gone, he still went and pointed to the cabinet where the vitamins are kept. I shouldn't have given him an afternoon snack at all because he ate a terrible lunch. I dropped in on Allison from church because I was in the area and managed to find her house. She invited us to stay for lunch and, since I think it's awesome to surprise people at their homes around lunchtime and then impose on them, we accepted. Garrett, entirely interested only in what he could discover in Allison's house, ate about three bites of his peanut butter and jelly and three tiny bites of apple. He has great manners, that kid. It was such a wonderful time for me though, despite his lunch-induced tantrum. He played with the big kids and I actually had a few minutes of adult conversation, on a day other than Sunday, over a delicious salad. And then my world sighed contentedly.

*Updated to add*
In case any of you were as confused about the Buddha head as my husband, let me explain that it was a M-E-T-A-P-H-O-R. Troy read my blog and promptly questioned, "Where is this Buddha head?" I asked him what he meant. "Well, I mean, where, in our house, is it?" We do not actually have a Buddha head in our home. We do not worship Buddha. We do not have Buddha figurines. Nothing Buddhaesqe is anywhere on the premises. Just as the fish in the fishbowl do not have control over which plants or aquarium accouterments cohabitate with them, we do not always choose our circumstances, we merely explore them and make the best of them. If you are still confused and have no idea what I am talking about, just go ahead and skip to tomorrow's post. I'll be in my Buddha head. Thank you and have a nice day.


  1. Well, if Buddha had a brain, there would be no room for you to retreat to have dinner. Your dining room would be filled with Buddha brain, which, quite frankly, would be disgusting. Its a good thing Garrett is an active little guy, because he eats like a fat kid. *If anyone reading this comment has an overweight child, I meant no disrespect by what I said. Also note that these are the opinions of the commenter and are not at all affiliated with the blogger.*

  2. oh my gosh, too many disclaimers to understand! I'm utterly lost now. And, Jon, by the way, I'm totally offended by the fat kid joke. :o) And yes, like Troy, ... Buddha? what? But I do like the new look. I, being a computer 'stupid-head' was quite surprised that I could pull off a new look too. ***and if anyone reading this is a real actual 'stupid-head' please accept my apologies and please let me join your club***

  3. Okay, so now I've been accused of sitting around on my eats-like-a-fat-kid rear end and doing nothing but laughing at the computer. Apparently, when I read your blogs I have a very (to my family, at least) annoying laugh. Keep the blogs coming, because my goal in life is to annoy my family (and I'm very good at it!) And I actually get the Buddha thing...that is, after your explanation. Before that I was one confused fish.

  4. Nice look! I can say that until your Buddha clarification, I wasn't quite sure where you were going with it. I mean, I didn't think you actually had a Buddha head in your home, but like I said, I just wasn't quite sure.