Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Got Game?

Dear Uncle Jon,

The other night my mommy was in the kitchen, cleaning up the colossal mess I made with my dinner, as is customary with people of my age and stature. My daddy was at the church and my mommy heard the television turn on. This is nothing unusual. I am obsessed with turning it on and off, as you may well know. Of course, she had to grab the camera and take this video when she realized exactly what was going on. I had turned it on. I had hoisted myself up onto the couch. I was completely enthralled with the game. The video itself is not altogether funny, but it gives you a glimpse of how intently I was watching. No amount of proding could get me to turn away. I just have one question, Unc J-Diddy, am I too short to be a post?


Please forgive my obnoxious voice running through the entire video. I cannot stand the way I sound and beg forgiveness that some of you actually have to listen to me speak on a regular basis. The voice I hear in my head is much better sounding than the voice that actually comes out of my mouth. I promise. If you were in here with us, you'd know.


  1. Garrett,

    Good job with the choice of TV adventures. I saw Kenyon Martin on the TV. Don't try to be like him. He's sort of a thug. You don't wanna be a thug. You're a little bit small to play in the post, but I'll teach you how to shoot like me, then you don't even have to go in amongst the trees. You can "live by the three". Just like me.

  2. Ilove it! Can't wait for my child to do the same. :) Have a great trip to California!