Monday, January 14, 2008

The Deflated Snouter

As promised, here are the pictures of my son's belly. So, what we have learned here is that they weren't kidding when they said that we shouldn't have any pretenses about what it would look like. We weren't supposed to imagine some beautifully sculpted button. So it's a good thing we didn't. In my opinion, it looks like a pig snout got in a fistfight with another barnyard animal and experienced deflation. I feel like maybe, all I needed to do was stick a pin in it and I could have had the same desired effect. At least that way he wouldn't have a one inch incision where his buddy, Snouter, used to be.

Seriously though, there is a lot of extra skin just hanging around that, hopefully, the little G will grow into. If he reaches seven or eight with no improvement, I might have to buy him a new bellybutton. Although this might be a good way to weed out the all the girls who are NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO DATE MY SON. It's very strange for us to see him walking around without a two or three inch bubble full of bodily fluid where other people have a bellybutton. Now, at least, he has an actual button, serious outtie though it may be.

A woman in the church brought these by on Saturday and Garrett thinks they are marvelous. Perhaps this is because I taught him that if you punch the bear in the nose, he falls backward and then, immediately, rises back to meet you. I'm not sure that the Flower Ministry team had that in mind, exactly. I'm sure they expected better behavior out of their pastor's wife. But when your toddler is feeling the effects of his surgery on Sunday night and wants nothing more than to sob in his mother's arms, she's willing to do anything. Even if it means teaching her one and a half year old how to box. Don't worry, that was one tough helium balloon and he's still floating around the house just wonderfully.
I'd like to clear up a little something from my last post. The vomit was most assuredly TODDLER puke. If I'd seen my baby blowing bubbles in doggie upchuck I would have also been cleaning up my own.


  1. Kinda looks like those navel oranges that you think look wonderful, then you turn them over only to find some giant navel that makes it look like the orange is trying to be born out of the peel. But tell him I still love him, whether or not he is sporting Snouter, SuperNavel, or anything else.

  2. Well, first, this is for Jon -"SuperNavel" just makes me laugh. I'd second that to replace "Snouter". At least it won't hurt him or cause vomit attacks anymore. Hope the lil guy is feeling better today.

  3. hey, there's nothing wrong with outtie belly buttons. i realize you didn't imply there's anything wrong with outties; i suppose i'm just a bit sensitive.