Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chargers and A Comment

Yesterday, during the Seahawks stomping of the Redskins, we taught Garrett how to put his arms over his head, signaling a score in football, any time that we said, "Touchdown!" What we didn't realize was that any time we yelled anything at the TV, he would do it. It didn't matter if it was good yelling or bad yelling, Garrett would break into a giant grin and throw his hands over his head. So today, when the Chargers were not winning and the Titans broke into what seemed like the open field, I put my hands on my head and said, "Oh no!"My little guy, who was sitting next to us on the couch, turned to me and, with the biggest smile he could muster, threw his hands over his head signaling touchdown. I turned and said, "Oh, no, Honey. We aren't cheering for the Titans." Luckily, the Chargers outscored the Titans and I was happy to encourage all of his arm raising.

Go Chargers!

I'd also like to respond to a comment that was posted anonymously on my last blog. By the vocabulary it seemed to come from someone here at the church and I want to assure the person that I have never once questioned that God sent us to the wrong place. Months of prayer led Troy and I here and while I may sometimes feel nostalgic for what was my home for 26 years, I have learned enough in those 26 years to know that the Lord does not make mistakes. Additionally, I am wholly committed to our ministry here, knowing, undoubtedly that God placed us in Utah "for such a time as this." With that being said, thank you for the encouraging verse.

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  1. Whenever either of my girls see a football game on TV they immediately come running out with one fist raised high in the air and cheering "GOOOO CHARGERS!"

    Sometimes they bust it out at random times as well just to entertain themselves, like in the grocery check out line...