Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week 4: Use Your Imagination

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When I was little, I would stare up into the great blue and watch the clouds morph and float, revealing new pictures in the sky. What I really wanted to have happen this week was a day of brilliant cumulus clouds. I wanted to lie on my back and take a shot straight up. Then I wanted people to tell me what they saw in the cloud. Alas, we have not had a day of brilliant clouds. Today the sky is gray and snow is on its way.

My husband reminded me of this picture, which is definitely imaginative. Sadly, we cannot take credit for the Goliath sized snowmen in the shot. We simply drove past this house one day last winter, turned around, parked, and asked the residents if we could take a picture of our son in front of their incredible creation. They obliged.
I think it's funny that the day this picture was taken also happened to be a day filled with brilliant cumulus clouds.

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