Monday, January 30, 2012


You want to know what happened today with Matthew? I took him to the doctor. The doctor took the splint off and...

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Okay. As for Matthew. The doctor took the splint off and Matthew started limping toward me and saying, "It hurt. It hurt." The doctor said that he was going to order an Xray but that he would cast it regardless. He said that it was very likely a toddler fracture and he may or may not be able to see it on the image. When we got ready to leave, Matthew (the same Matthew who is generally terrified of any new adult and who generally clings to me with wild, crazy eyes if I so much as make him look at a stranger) reached his arms out for the doctor and started crying about not wanting to leave. I can't figure this kid out sometimes. When we got to the hospital, I set Matthew down to check him in and that's when he started running (RUNNING!) around the office. The limp from before, it was almost nonexistent. Still, I paid--probably a boat load of money but that remains to be seen--to have two images taken. Then I carted the kid back to his pediatrician's office.

The doctor looked at the images.

He looked at Matthew who was galloping, leaping, scaling chairs, laughing, squawking, and not crying, limping or complaining, and said, "I think we can hold off on the cast."

Yeah, you think?

It's not broken. At least, not that anyone can see or fathom based on how he's acting.

"What do you think was wrong last week?" I asked.

He shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe he just tweaked it. Or bruised it."

But it isn't broken. So you should go over to my other blog and enter the giveaway to celebrate.

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