Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Want A Sticker

Three accidents in five days.

We've hit a set back in the potty training department.

I implemented a new reward system.

If he doesn't wet his pants all day, he gets a sticker.

If he wakes up dry in the morning, he gets a sticker.

My son loves stickers.

He just woke up and lumbered into my room with a gait that suggested a heavy diaper hung between his legs. "I want a sticker," he started to cry.

"Are you dry?"


"Then you can't have a sticker."

"I WANT A STICKER! I WANT A STICKER!" He threw himself into a huge fit. "I WANT A STICKER!" Snot and tears flew from his face.

The epic levels of drama never cease to amaze me with this child.

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