Sunday, February 5, 2012

We Had Them...

We're heading out of town for several days. We were going to leave tomorrow but, on account of the fact that I kind of wish the ground would open up and swallow both of the teams that are playing in the Superbowl today, we've decided to head out early. We're staying in a hotel tonight and we're hoping to catch the back half of the game just so we know if the lesser of two evils can pull it out. I haven't actually made up my mind which team is the lesser but maybe by the time we get to Nevada I'll have an opinion.

Anyway. The hotel. Oh the excitement. When my children stay in a hotel all is right in their tiny, little world. It's as though they've arrived. The Promised Land, for them, is not a land flowing with milk and honey. It is a land flowing with two queen beds and a noisy air conditioner. It makes no real difference to them that we often stay in the cheapest place we can find. No bother. Mommy! There are tiny shampoo bottles in here! Can we go get ice? I'm gonna put on this shower cap and play space alien.

Okay, so that last sentence has never been said but I'm putting five dollars down on the fact that it will. Even if I have to be the one to say it.

The rest of our trip should prove to be pretty exciting. We've got some serious surprises up our sleeves. But really, we had them at hotel.

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