Saturday, February 18, 2012


My husband = the love of my life.

Oh sure, there are a couple of really cute kids who have my heart wrapped around their little fingers, but it still beats for my husband.

His parents are in town so he decided to whisk me away for a Valentine's celebration on Thursday night. First we went to the Cheesecake Factory and used gift cards (insert OH HOW I LOVE GIFT CARDS! here). We shared the chicken piccata which, if anyone is keeping track, is the very dish I nearly choked to death on when I was visiting my old roommates last summer. I managed to not choke on it this time. I didn't think ahead enough to take a picture before I had inhaled most of it. For the record, those are not peas because, um, ew and gross. They are capers. Delicious little tasty devils.
We shared our chicken because The Cheesecake Factory is not skimpy on their portions and we had our eye on this...
There may be nothing on earth that tastes quite as good as a slice of Red Velvet Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. I mean it. If you haven't tasted this you need to. Immediately.

After our amazing dinner, Troy took me to a Bed & Breakfast. He'd managed to pull off the entire surprise until about five minutes before we left. I stumbled upon the packed overnight bag and it was a darn good thing too because my husband had forgotten that his wife needs a little make up and a straightening iron in the morning. I would have had to saunter down to breakfast looking all a mess. I pretended not to know what was going on until we were in the car. "You almost pulled it off," I said.

I'd considered faking it and acting surprised but we've made it through eight years with honesty being the best policy. I was, however, surprised when we pulled up to a castle.

It was seriously cool. I mean, we did spent about a half hour discussing the fact that our oldest son would love it even more than we did but we are total dorks who were seriously excited about staying in a castle. In the picture above, Troy's head is aligned with one of those little square windows you can open from the inside to see who is at your door. I felt like the heroine in every great medieval movie.

We'd thought about going to see a movie but decided to stay in the castle and watch one of their many dvds. I  relaxed in the whirlpool tub and in front of the gas fireplace in our Excalibur room. The next morning we were treated to a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit, cinnamon bread, eggs, cheesy hash browns and bacon. Once we'd finished stuffing ourselves, we explored the grounds.

We left with enough time to pick Garrett up from preschool. It was a wonderful and refreshing night away and a big thanks goes out to my inlaws for holding down our fort while we were away. Seriously. A huge thanks to my mother-in-law who got to deal with a toddler who decided to start vomiting.

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