Friday, March 12, 2010

The Swiss Family Robinson

So I discovered the joy of borrowing DVDs from the library. Yesterday, as The Rock Star stared into the resident rats (Justin and Dangerous Beans), I picked out a few DVDs for him. He's never seen Antz so I pulled that one. He's only seen part of Ice Age so I grabbed that one. I also picked up The Swiss Family Robinson. I figured it would bore him to tears but I, on the other hand, love that movie. As I kid I dreamed of being shipwrecked on an island and building a home like theirs. I dreamed of one day marrying Fritz--forget the part about how he's actually 44 years older than me. And I've mentioned before how tragic it is that Disneyland massacred their tree house.

I showed him the three that I had picked out. He examined their covers and declared, "I want to watch this pirate one as soon as we get home." He must have asked me ten times before it was actually quiet time. Finally it was time to put it in. He started crying when they shoot at the sharks, declaring, through tears, "It's not nice to hoot at harks!" He laughed hysterically when they ride the animals near the end of the movie. In short, he loved it. As soon as it was over he asked if he could watch it again right away. I told him no.

But guess what he's watching right now?

So was it really necessary to annihilate their house at Disneyland? Does Tarzan really have anything on The Swiss Family Robinson? And one more thing. Was Mother Robinson not the most paranoid mom ever? I mean, sure, there was a tiger and all sorts of other interesting island dwelling creatures and, well, eventually, pirates, but the woman shrieks her head off at a big lizard and she won't let her son swing in a hammock. And then she screams at her husband. But her men slave and sweat and make her what can only be described as some sort of island castle and she's all, "I...I can't believe it." Then there are hugs all around. I don't know. I feel like people weren't supposed to be so uptight back then.

It's due back in six days. How many times do you think we'll have to watch it before next Thursday?


  1. I love that movie. And also, we used to "rent" our videos from the library when I was a kid. One rainy weekend we had the Little Mermaid and we watched it a total of 17 times. :)

  2. Word on the Treehouse. The whole park is sadly becoming a sad ghost of what it once was. But I still have a pass.

    Disney used to know how to make timeless films.

  3. I have never seen that movie!

    Yes, I know I am waaaaay older than you so one would assume that I had, but no... must jot that one down on the list!

  4. I love that movie and really want to watch it now. The library is awesome and is the only place we pick up movies, then if a movie sucks and you turn it off you dont care about having spent money on renting it cause it was free.

  5. LOVE the part where they are riding the ostrich and the zebra. I always wanted a treehouse with an organ in it, too!

  6. I MISS Salt Lake's library system!! It was county not city! Ours here is city,so you can't checkout and return to whatever library and is funny/annoying. We don't have a card because you have to pay property taxes and present proof of that at our library. The other cities, for one if you don't pay your fines you'll be sent a police note (basically get to be sent to prison for it!) And the other your fine is sent to collections in a very short time. Aah. I miss my salt lake libraries! Probably why I don't read as much as I used to!!

    I'm guessing he'll request it like 100 times. How many he watches it... hmm well it depends on how sane you want to stay!

  7. The SLC public library, especially the main branch has AMAZING things. The downtown children's library is good for a whole day of fun. If I had little ones I'd be there around the clock.

    Meanwhile, I am checking out NCIS season by season, watching the added features, and enjoying commercial free entertainment.