Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bossy Winds

G: Little Bill said that big brother's are bossy.
Me: Are you a big brother or a little brother?
G: I'm a big brother.
Me: Are you bossy?
G: (thinking) Um...yeah. I'm a little bossy but not much bossy.
Me: You think?
G: Well. No. I'm a lot bossy.
Me: Yeah, well, you come by it naturally.

Poor kid. He's the firstborn of two firstborns one of which is the daughter of two firstborns. Let's just say that we're working on it. And by we I mean me. And Troy. And Garrett.

I hate wind. I hated when the Santa Ana winds would blow through southern California and I hate when the winds whip through the valley here. I HATE IT. Hate it. If I must be honest it creeps me out. It has something to do with the way it sobbed through the rafters of the house I grew up in. I am always a bit apprehensive that things we store outside will suddenly lift right off the ground and disappear over the fence. I hate how it messes up my hair. I hate how it blows dirt in my face. I hate how it leaves me to wonder if the roof is going to lift right off the house and sail away. Give me a cool breeze on any hot summer day but the rest of the time I can just do without it. And yes, I understand about the pollen and the spores and how you need the wind and blah blah blah but I'm so not a fan. Take today for example. I had loaded both boys into the car and was starting to climb into my seat. The wind whipped through the parking lot and threw me into the car, banging my shoulder in the process. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, it thrashed the car door into my left leg, which was still outside of the car and pinned--at great force--my ankle between the frame of the car and the door. Clearly, however, I didn't react fast enough by yanking my leg into the car because another gust threw the door back open and then slammed it, again, into my unsuspecting ankle (although, really, by that point it should have suspected that something was amiss).

My dog is sitting at the back door. His ears look like he's riding in a car with his head out the window. And Garrett just walked up and said, "Mommy. Did you know that the wind might blow our house down? Then we would have no house left."

My fears exactly, kid. My fears exactly.


  1. Do you want me to send you a really cool kite?

  2. I hate the wind also. It used to just annoy me, but since the Cedar Fire, it really SCARES me. I don't think God really needed to create Santa Ana's. A gentle breeze would have done the job.

  3. I'm with you, I can't stand wind. It's my least favorite weather element.

  4. Yesterdays wind was ridiculous I agree but I love having a spring time breeze. I love opening the windows and having the breeze blow gently through the house and removing the stale winter air out and then when the lilacs are in bloom I love how is make the house smell. So wind is not always bad

  5. We have a bad case of the bossies here, too, and even my 15-month-old seems to be catching it! I can't imagine where they get it from. (Their mother.)

    I miss the Santa Anas. I prefer them to the tornado sirens that always go off at nap time, leaving you to wonder if the tornado is really anywhere near you or if it's 20 miles away and heading further away by the minute, but stopping to check the weather channel before you head to the basement really isn't a wise move. So you wake up the kids and haul them down, only to discover that--yes--it is 20 miles away. *sigh*