Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Rock Star

Once upon a time The Rock Star's moniker was The Dictator. Then, one day, nearly a year ago, he walked into our bedroom and made the announcement, "I'm a rock star!" It was appropriate given his love for musical instruments, clothing sporting musical instruments, and his craving for attention in general. The name stuck--at least here on my blog. Last night he insisted that we make him a stage. Thankfully, he settled for standing on a chair. I present you with a glimpse into the life of our rock star. Ignore the fact that at one point he picks his nose.

I don't feel too badly about my answer to his question about riding on a rocket ship with instruments being "maybe". Who am I to say that he won't one day work for NASA?


  1. Thomas was laughing at his friend Garrett. He said at the end of the video....."gangangan" or as we'd say again.

  2. you could soo send that in and win $10,000~

  3. I love his rock star moves. Trevin pulls those a lot with his guitar, too...we haven't quite gotten past "twinkle, twinkle, little star" yet, though :)

  4. Watching this for the first time! WOW, isn't Garrett adorable.