Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh What A Night

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Well, if the buzzing is Restless Leg Syndrome I have a prescription for it. I'm not filling it until I get the results of the blood work. Apparently we need to rule out diabetes, liver failure, iron deficiency and a slew of other possibilities first.


The Rock Star was mighty disappointed that I didn't actually get needles stuck into my foot. When I assured him that the nurse would be back to stick a needle in my arm he perked right up. As the nurse prepared to draw my blood he wrapped his arms tightly around me and, with a determined look, explained to me that I would be fine. I think he would have continued holding me in his vice grip but I told him I was okay. "Are you sure?" He asked. I promised that I was.

All of this tenderness from the boy who shared my bed last night and seemed quite perturbed that he didn't have it to himself. He's had a terrible cough for almost two weeks now. A week ago the pediatrician said he was not contagious but the cough has lingered. Last night he woke himself up every few minutes in hacking fits. Every time he woke up he came looking for us in a groggy and disoriented state. Eventually, we decided to let him sleep with us. Us quickly turned to me as Troy relocated to the couch after Garrett woke him up out of a dead sleep when he (Garrett) violently flopped on top of him.

My night proceeded like this:
Garrett coughs.
Garrett wakes me up.
Garrett wakes up (kind of).
Garrett flops on top of me and mumbles, "Cuddle me?"
He settles down.
I lay there, fully awake, trying not to concentrate on my vibrating foot.
Somehow, vibrating foot, three-year-old on top of me, and all, I finally fall asleep.
Garrett coughs.
The coughing wakes me up.
Garrett wakes up (kind of).
Garrett sits straight up with a look that says, "Why, in the world, are you holding me?"
Garrett flops down next to me.
His head thuds into mine on the way down.
He sits back up.
"What mommy?" He hisses angrily.
I respond by stroking his hair and settling him back down into the pillows.
He takes approximately eleven minutes to get comfortable.
I start to drift off to sleep.
My foot buzzes.
Garrett kicks me in the stomach.
Garrett coughs.
Garrett throws his body over mine.
Garrett flops off my body.
Garrett tells me to move over.
In this case over=off the bed.
I try to get him comfortable again.
Garrett coughs...

So what we've established here is that Garrett and Mrs. The Rock Star will need separate beds.


  1. Here's hoping for an iron deficiency that can be cured by a big cheeseburger.

  2. I don't mean to be an alarmist but... Lori, be VERY careful with prescription medication for RLS. Discuss all the medication options (I'm not certain if there is more than one) but I do know that my friend's mom (so granted older...) had a mini-stroke (ultimately non damaging) as a 'side effect' of the meds. She eventually had other health issues and it was determined that she needed to go off the meds. This was a few years ago, so perhaps the meds have been revamped.

    Buzzing does NOT sound ideal. And neither does the 'sleeping' arrangement. Aiden slept through the night for the first time EVER last night!!! Yipee!!!

  3. Does your insurance cover chiropractic care? If so it might be worth a visit there - this might all be due to an oddly pinched nerve - maybe?

  4. Like I said before, try rubbing Vicks on the bottom of his feet before he goes to sleep. Put socks on him. I am totally serious. It works!!!

  5. RLS sort of runs in my family... And in more stressful times it definitely flares up for me (like the entire time I was pregnant.) I'm just not sure I'd discribe it as a buzzing. For me it is more like a spastic NEED to flale my legs about, sort of like a twitch that I can almost, but not quite, control.anyway I hope you get some relief soon and that this comment comes through okay because our internet has been down for 5 days and posting on my phone is just interesting.