Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who Named These Planets Anyway?

Lately, The Rock Star has been obsessed with planets. Every Tuesday and Thursday, on our way to preschool, he asks me to tell him the names of the planets so that he can repeat them after me.

Me: Mercury.
G: Mercree.
Me: Venus.
G: Benus.
Me: Earth.
G: Earf.
Me: Mars.
G: Mars.
Me: Jupiter.
G: Jupiter.
Me: Saturn.
G: Aturn.
Me: Uranus.
G: An Anus.
Me: Neptune.
G: Neptune.
Me: Pluto.
G: Pwooto.

Yeah. Who named that seventh one? Seriously.


  1. hahaha well I suppose his interp is better than 'Your Anus' but I fully agree. Although I was intrigued as to the actual answer to your question and so I looked it up....

    Uranus was named after the ancient Greek deiety of the sky Uranus, father of Kronos (Saturn) and grandfather of Zeus (Jupiter). Sir William Herschel announced the discovery in 1781 and it was the first planet discovered with a telescope. And apparently it is visible to the naked eye (like the five 'classical planets') but it wasn't given the title of planet because it was dim and slow.

    So I guess on days when I'm feeling a little dumb, I can just say I feel like Uranus... maybe not.

  2. haha be glad Benus didn't start with a P :)

  3. Uranus is pronounced Ouranos, he was the Greek god of the sky during the "Titan" era.

    So really the problem is in people liking to say it so that it sounds like "anus." :)

  4. I have often wondered that myself.

  5. Thank you for teaching G that Pluto is a planet. I don't care what anyone says, there are nine planets in our solar system, the ninth of which is Pluto.