Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last night Troy and I were watching an adult movie. Wait, no, not an adult movie as in--never mind. Forget it. We were just watching a movie that we didn't want our three-year-old to see. We'd put the boys to bed at 9:00 ish when we got home from our ministry meetings. The trouble was, The Rock Star had taken a three hour nap in the afternoon in an attempt to fight off a cold that he has. Seriously. Three hours. I had to wake him at 5:15 to get ready to go to my meeting. So I knew it would be hard for him to fall asleep.

We started our movie which was decidedly not that kind of an adult film. Not long after, we heard a thud. A few moments later Troy paused the movie and crept toward the stairs. Suddenly I heard a quieter thud followed by the pitter-patter of scampering feet all the way back to his bed. We laughed and resumed the movie. It wasn't long before we heard the initial thud again.

T: Should I go lay on his floor?
Me: I don't think he's very tired. He can come lay on the couch with me if he keeps his eyes closed.
T: (looking toward the stairs) Garrett.
G: (quietly) Yes, Daddy?
T: Come here.

He climbed up and snuggled into me.

G: I want to watch the movie.
Me: No.
G: Please?
Me: No. You can either lay here with your eyes shut or you can go back up to bed.
G: Will you come lay with me?
Me: No. You can snuggle with me down here with your eyes closed if you want me.

He was quiet for several minutes. I thought he was asleep. Suddenly he let out a huge, overdramatic (no idea where he gets that kind of behavior from) sigh. "This is not good." I thought maybe he was uncomfortable.

Me: What's not good?
G: I want to watch the movie!
Me: No. You know what your choices are.
G: Fine. I'm going to go to bed.

He said the last part as though he was really sticking it to me. It was like I would somehow be devastated and mortally wounded by his choice. As though my world would end. He knows me so well. I was so very upset that he was going to do WHAT WE WANTED HIM TO IN THE FIRST PLACE. He got up and walked straight to his room. When Troy checked on him five minutes later he was sound asleep.

The whole exchange was so stinkin' cute. And can I just tell you that when it comes to my faith I am perpetually three years old. There are so many times when I resist what God wants over and over and over and complain about WANTING TO WATCH THE MOVIE DARN IT and then finally, finally, I skirt off to bed with a glance up to heaven. "I'm going to bed, God. It's my idea. Isn't it such a good one?" And I imagine he rolls his eyes as he whispers...

Yeah. Remember how that's what I asked you to do in the first place?

Except, well, God probably doesn't roll his eyes.


  1. What movie were you watching? And that was an excellent analogy! :)

  2. Well if He doesn't roll His eye I am sure He shakes His head. And I am still a 3 year old too.

  3. love it! So true! P.S. We are praying for your sweet family