Sunday, March 14, 2010

Foot Vibrations

My foot is buzzing. At least, that's how I described it to my husband last night after half a day of enduring it. It started yesterday afternoon. I suddenly felt this strange vibrating sensation. I thought my foot had slid causing my sock to rub on my shoe for a brief, vibrating, moment. As I tuned into what was happening I quickly ruled out the sock on shoe action and began thinking that it was occurring with my pulse.

Ehhhhh (that is my attempt at writing a buzzing feeling)! Ehhhhhhhh! Ehhhhhhh! (pause) Ehhhh! Eh. EHHHHHH!

Nope. Not my pulse. Unless, of course, I have an erratic heartbeat that I've never noticed before.
I stood. Ehhhhhhh! I walked. I didn't feel it when I was walking. I stopped. Ehhhhhhh! "What the heck is that?" I was annoyed.

By the time I laid down to work on my Bible study and then fall into blissful and much needed sleep I was beside myself. As long as I kept my foot moving it didn't buzz. Or, at least, I couldn't feel it. When Troy came up I was almost in tears. "It doesn't hurt," I told him, "but it is SO annoying. I'm never going to be able to fall asleep." As I laid there I began to wonder if I would ever sleep again. And stopped. I slept. I woke up. I thought about my foot. No obnoxious buzzing. I stood up. Nothing. I walked into the bathroom.



And it's been intermittently doing it all. day. long.

One thing is for certain. It is not a twitch. I googled "buzzing foot" and "vibrating foot". I might have a neurological disorder, specifically MS. I might have something wrong with my sciatica. I might have anxiety. I might need to poop. Seriously. That's what someone said. That advice is actually helpful as it allows me to take "neurological disorder" with a grain of salt. It could be...phantom. Great. That's all I need is to be making up phantom foot buzzing. As though I don't have quite enough going on in my life.


And now, not only is my foot vibrating which is just, well, high times, I also can't stop singing, "Foot, foot, foot, foot vibrations." It's an added bonus, really.

So, give me your best guess. Why, in the world, is my foot vibrating?


  1. This is a random comment. I read your blog quite often. Your vibrating foot sounds like "restless leg syndrome." I had in the final weeks of my pregnancy, and it is completely annoying. I would definitely describe it as a buzzing too. Good luck with it!

  2. I have no idea why your foot is vibrating, but I CAN tell you that I have had MS so many times over the years that it isn't even funny. Every symptom that you look up on the internet leads you right back to MS. For a while I was really freaked out about it, then I just decided enough was enough! Maybe it's just your electric personality! :-)

  3. I have no - idea...... Good grief.... How STRANGE!!!!
    I was just checking in, as I often do... for any sort of update on how things are progressing.....
    I think about you guys often....

  4. I think you just need to poop. HAHA J/K I wonder if it's like that eye twitch I had. Maybe it's stress related. NAAAA you don't have any stress in your life so I am going back to I think you have to poop. Good luck!!! Hope it goes away soon.

  5. I think you should call the doc just in case, but it sounds like restless let syndrome. I had it with both pregnancies and I still get it when I'm super stressed out. My doc suggested benedryl for it. Take a big dose and see if it helps. If it doesn't, maybe some Ex-lax?! Ha!! :)

  6. The only thing I can think of is it's your own personal tribute to James Brown. LoL. Other than that, I don't really know, I hope it gets better. :)

  7. In the random weird body stuff category: several years ago I experienced a warm sensation down my leg. It was so real I had to look down to see if warm water was magically running down my leg. (It wasn't.) It happened several times over a few days. Very weird. Joanna