Monday, November 10, 2008

What's In A Name?

Garrett loves and adores his Geo Trax. If I wanted to hoist them up into his bed every night, I'm sure they would replace his beloved blankie as his most favorite thing to cuddle with. Currently, we have seven of the little people that go with the different Geo Trax sets. They are tiny and Garrett often plays with them with various other toys so they go missing quite often. We've given them all names so that, when we're looking for them, we can ask Garrett if he's seen specific Geo Trax "guys". Garrett named some of them and I gave the others their names. They are as follows:

Daisy: The only female. She is holding flowers.
Will: The actual name (on the box) of the burly mountain man.
Starbuck/Biss Guy: I refer to him as Starbuck because he's holding a coffee cup. Garrett thinks he is holding juice and refers to him as Juice Guy.
Axe: He's holding an axe. Don't worry. He came with a logger type set and is not, in fact, an axe murderer play thing.
McFly: He looks like he stepped right out of Back to the Future.
Choo-Choo: Garrett named this one because he is the driver of the main train.
Tree Guy: Garrett also named this one. Apparently Troy referred to him as Tree Guy once or twice because he's holding a tree. I tried to get him to name him something else but he was dead set on Tree Guy. He happens to be Garrett's most favorite Geo Trax figure.

Last night we were talking to Garrett about how maybe, one day, he just might, possibly, get a baby brother or sister. We have a girl name picked out but only have our boy name narrowed down to three. We gave him his options.

Me: Garrett do you want to name a baby brother Thaddeus*?
Garrett: No.
Troy: How about Wolfgang*?
Garrett: NO!
Me: Moon Unit*?
Garrett: No.
Troy: Well what do you want to name your possible, one day, maybe, baby brother?
Garrett: (emphatically) Tree Guy!

"Hi, it's so nice to meet you. These are my sons, Garrett and Tree Guy."

*Not actual possibilities for our maybe, possibly, one day, son.


  1. you guys are cute!! I was given the awesome privilege of naming my sister Missy. I was 3 years old so of course she was named after the popular baby doll at the time that my parents couldn't afford to get for me. I went around and told all my friends that my baby was 'real'. Although 'tree guy' would be a bit rough during pre-adolescence.

  2. Man, I think your kid is one of my favorite people ever.

  3. I REALLY like 'tree guy'.

    my friend Josiah really wanted to name his sister Curious George.

    we wanted to name her Wind Chime.