Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa

Garrett has spent the last four days playing with his Grandma DeDe and his Grandpa Gary.

Did I mention that we put him in a toddler bed when we moved here? Well, he's been getting up a little before we're ready for him. This morning he got up a little before the sun. Troy put him back in bed. About a half hour later he bypassed our bedroom completely in favor of finding his grandpa. Gary is an early bird and Garrett figured he'd just come down and make him watch cartoons. And beg him for some bacon and eggs. And get to keep his pacifier for a little longer. Grandpa's are way better than parents.

And his grandma spent the last four days playing and reading and playing and reading and then playing. Garrett decided that she needed to spend the majority of her time playing Geo Trax. I'm sure she agreed wholeheartedly.

They helped us get the house and yard ready to turn over and they shared a Thanksgiving feast with us and we watched a lot of football. At the moment they are boarding a plane and heading back to Oregon...

And Garrett is adjusting to life without his personal playmates.

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