Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Crazy Dreams

I had a horrid dream last night. It wasn't so bad while I was actually dreaming it but when I woke up I realized just how awful it had been.

We got a phone call that there was a family who wanted to place their son for adoption. They were a family of four complete with mother, father, son and daughter. The daughter was little. The son was sevenish. They contacted all of the couples who had been in our information meeting. Two couples responded. We were one of them. This in and of itself is odd because, unless God bashes us over the head with a sign, we don't want to disrupt Garrett's birth order. In any case, we started trying to one up this other couple so that we could "win" the child.

He was a very large boy. Think Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. And his parents just decided that they didn't want him anymore. Other than this decision, they seemed, well, normal...you know, with their heads attached to their necks, no drug addictions, no aliens had abducted them replacing them with robots. They just didn't want their son anymore.

So then it was like an auction and we got in this bidding war with the other couple. Truly, it was ludicrous. THEN we found out that while the boy looked seven he was really 22 but he remained a child permanently in physical appearance as well as mentally. And then I decided that I was only five years older than him so I couldn't possibly be a good mother to him so I told Troy we couldn't adopt him. But then Troy was attached to the idea of this boy so we took him to Disneyland and he told us that his parents had taken his sister several times but had never taken him. It was really sad.

And weird.

But in the dream I managed to get myself really attached to this 22 year old man child. Then, when I woke up, I was kind of sad.


  1. That is awful. I wish I could translate it. I suppose I do understand the craziness of the adoption process. But 22? What is that about?

  2. Get rid of whatever you ate for dinner last night. J

  3. Um...yeah thats all I can say.

  4. Almost as weird as me dreaming that i had a baby with some strange man (who wasn't dad) and I was forced to walk on retaining walls so that I wouldn't fall into the huge birthday cake. What exactly is it that goes on in our heads when we sleep anyway?

    Password verification is the funniest one yet:


  5. I laughed out loud, and because I did Aaron wanted to know why, so I read it to him. He laughter out loud, louder.And then said,"That girl is even funny in her sleep".
    That was truly epic. J asked what you ate before bed...

  6. So creepy, thanks for sharing, Im still laughing.

  7. Oh my...that's a crazy one! I'm still giggling...