Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sink Pool

Garrett and O-- are friends. Despite the fact that Garrett has a good seven months of life experience on O--, they're at approximately the same maturity level. They say about the same amount of words but O-- has him beat on the potty training front. She's not potty trained but she's closer than Garrett. His potty training is currently stalled at, "Yes, Mommy, I am potty trained. I sit on the toilet for two seconds, get bored, get up and whiz all over the floor." Anyway, Garrett and O-- behave kind of like siblings. They'll play great together for fifteen minutes and then, suddenly, her mother and I will hear World War III breaking out in the playroom. Such was the case on Monday.
Several ladies from the church had dropped by to help me settle into this house. O--'s mother came by and the two kids played happily (mostly) for awhile. They had their spats but generally they were short lived and easily forgotten. At one point I noticed that it was very quiet upstairs.

Me: They're playing awfully well together. I peer up the stairs. Behind a closed door. I start up the stairs.

At this point I slowly become aware of the fact that I hear water running. It takes a full two seconds for me to process this auditory revelation and then I say...

Me: Do you hear water running?

I simultaneously hear O-- playing happily behind the closed playroom door. Garrett, on the other hand, I do not hear. I fly toward the sound of the running water and, as I turn the corner into my bathroom I find this...
He climbed the toilet. He climbed into the sink. He turned on freezing cold water. He climbed in fully clothed. Everything within reach became a bath toy. Lotion, deodorant, dental floss, toothbrushes. If it was on the counter or in the cabinet, it was floating in the water. When I turned the corner he jumped a mile. Then he saw me, assumed I would be excited about this little extravaganza and started yanking off his clothing and yelling, "Pool! Bath!"

I told him not to do that ever again. Though I questioned his cold water bath in late November I informed him that he ought not pull those shenanigans again. But man if I wasn't trying so desperately hard not to crack up. I cannot say the same for the other adults in the house who found it uproariously funny and didn't hide their mirth.

There was water everywhere and, as I cleaned it up I watched Garrett relieve his bladder on the carpet. Oh toddlers.


  1. Considering what could have been, that is stinkin hilarious! And don't fret about the potty training, he's a boy, it takes longer.

  2. Sorry, but that IS soooo funny. I would laugh if I hadn't been there so many times though!

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. That kid is awesome.

  4. oh, to be small enough to fit in a sink again...

  5. Do I need to worry about Garrett's influence over my granddaughter O--? You didn't mention the fact that Garrett can open doors, while O-- hasn't figured that one out yet. She can still be corralled, for a little while anyway. J

  6. oh boys and their peeters. lovely.