Sunday, November 2, 2008


I love fall.

Who knew?

I certainly didn't because, in Ramona, fall is summer and winter is fall. In the final months of the year, leaves do let go of their trees and dance to the ground but the weather is still warm and the word brisk doesn't really come into play until December. But here in Utah, the days are comfortable and the nights are chilly. I wear jeans and I turn on the gas fireplace in the mornings and evenings. Children can still play outside and the trees are alive with reds and oranges and yellows.

Before we move, we have quite a bit to get done around here. There will be a hefty amount of stress in the next couple of weeks. But I'm feeling cozy and I know that there is still time to sit and watch the leaves fall before we rake them up and say goodbye to this house.


  1. i must have missed this but where are you moving and when??? :)

  2. That sounds nice to me. I think I could love the fall. I love the fall moments we have here, that much I know.

  3. How many bathrooms will you have in your new place? :)

  4. where are you moving to? did you guys buy a house?

  5. I know you are moving, but did you pull all of the weeds in the flower beds first?

  6. So I guess Utah's not all bad after all. See what God and a year's time can do. J