Saturday, November 8, 2008

Those Dreams

Do you ever have dreams where you've gotten out of bed and are getting ready and it all seems to be happening in real time and then, when you actually wake up, you're bummed because you feel like you have to do it all over again?

This morning I got out of bed, got dressed, did my hair, had a phone conversation with my mom and then built a theatre set. And then I woke up and realized none of it had actually happened. You would have thought that the phone conversation I "had" with my mom would have tipped me off.

Mom: Are you going to do a church play for the Fourth of July?
Me: I have no idea. That's a really long ways away.
Mom: Well, are you?
Me: I've never done a Fourth of July play before. Why would I start now?
Mom: I'm just wondering.
Me: Why?
Mom: Because I want to see it but I want to go on vacation in July.
Me: Go ahead and plan a vacation.
Mom: Does Garrett like Gears?
Me: What?
Mom: Does he like those gears toy thingies?
Me: I...well...he doesn't have any so...I...don't...know.
Mom: So, what kind of play would it be? You know, so I can plan my vacation.

It made no sense. None. And then after that I constructed an entire set. I sure was sad to wake up and discover that I'd actually been extremely unproductive.


  1. I have these half asleep/half awake things where I open my eyes and can see the room but I'm still dreaming.

    I thought I saw a giant alien spider with one foot legs crawling on the Disneyland tapestry over out bed.

    I proceeded to SCREAM and Ryan ran into the bedroom, he stayed up a bit longer, and was afraid I was being murdered.

    It was crazy. I also once saw a man in a white suit and white panama hat standing in our bedroom doorway. I screamed a profanity and knocked my water glass off the nightstand.

  2. I for one am glad that was a dream, because I sound rather dysfunctional in it!

    The other night I dreamt that Michelle Akins and I both had a child by the same man. Neither of which was Jon or Kelly. Never saw the man so don't know who he was. This man had the babies and we were supposed to take a train to him to pick them up. Michelle offered to drive to the train station, but first we had to sneak to a construction site and take some pictures of what they were doing for her husband. When we got there. it wasn't going to be as easy as she thought. We were going to miss our train and Michelle wouldn't leave. I got mad and started walking to the train station carry all of my luggage loose in my arms. (Like you would carry laundry.) I was walking on a super tall retaining wall. The drop off to one side was cement and off the other was lawn. I kept dropping my clothes and had to figure out how to pick them up. I didn't want to fall on the cement, but I was even more worried about messing up this gigantic birthday cake. Finally, I just got down and left my clothes behind. I started trying to run to the train station, but my legs wouldn't move. That's when I mercifully woke up. Talk about a weird dream.

  3. You left out that in the beginning of the dream, Mom smoked some crack. Otherwise, why would she talk like that?

  4. Oh my gosh, you had me in tears I was laughing so hard! Ahh, I love dreams. They never make any sense.

  5. no SERIOUSLY I sometimes dream that I'm up, turn off my alarm, get dressed, etc etc...then I wake up later and I'm like 'no I did this already' and