Friday, November 14, 2008

They Keep Getting Younger

This morning I had a doctor's appointment because, well, I've never had a skin check in my life and I didn't want to keel over one day and die of moles. I don't have ninety two million or anything but I thought it might be best to make sure I wasn't harboring melanoma in any of the ones I do have.

And then Doogie Howser walked in. Except he was a she. A little baby dermatologist. I guess I'm under the impression that doctors should always be older than me. This will be a problem if I live to the ripe old age of 92. But for real. I feel like really young people should only be allowed to be pediatricians. And it seems like they keep getting younger. Or is it that I keep getting older? In any case, she was very friendly and very professional. I did not get the feeling that she had been drinking at a sorority party until late last night.

And apparently, I am not dying of moles yet and any removal would be cosmetic and, therefore, cost me 95$ each.

Me: And what is the procedure?
Her: We numb the area with an injection. It's a lot like having dental work done. So you know when you've been given nova--
Me: I've never actually had a cavity.
Her: Really!? Well, you have very nice teeth.
Me: Oh. Thank you. (I really wasn't fishing for a compliment, I was just explaining that her example would be difficult for me to comprehend.)
Her: Well, so, it's basically just a prick near the area.

Then she continued to discuss the procedure and I continued to think about my precious 95 dollars and the fact that she said none of them needed to be removed. Then I thought, well, hey, why don't I just wait until I get a cavity and then convince the dentist or the dermatologist to give me a two for one...


  1. You should get a cavity just for fun. I mean, the drilling part is not so fun, but afterward, when you try to talk, your mouth feels all funny. Its a good time.
    This commenter would like to note that he has only had one cavity thus far in his life. So, my sister and I have had an average of 1/2 a cavity each. Our parents gave us good teeth. Or good brushing habits. Or both.

  2. I had that same Doogie experience when I had my knee surgery a few years back. "Doogie" was walking around when they started talking about drawing my blood... I said Doogie was NOT doing it. They said oh he won't. I drew a sigh of relief... it was only later that I came to know that Doogie was my anesthesiologist and his was the last face I was going to see before going under. GREAT!! Clearly I woke back up, but it was a little unsettling.

  3. I hope you never get a cavity, they are no fun. I saw your comment about Scarlett and you are totally right. Anna and I were talking about it the other day, she is really starting to look like Anna and Madison did when they were that age, big eyes and chubby cheeks and oh so cute. My mom is trying to find pictures of Anna when she was little so when she does I will put up a comparison of them too.

  4. First, I totally agree, I don't like having Doogie Houser deal with my medical issues.

    Second, I'm SO not talking to you with your no cavities, WHATEVER!