Monday, November 3, 2008

The Move

I've received several questions about our move. I figured now would be as good a time as any to address them.

Where are you moving? And when?
We are moving to Hawaii. Kauai to be specific. We've decided to become professional surfers. Given the fact that I've never even been on a surfboard, it might be a problem. Seriously, we are moving north. We will still be in Salt Lake County but we'll be closer to the church. The house is just a little smaller. We will lose almost all of our storage space though. Our rent, however, will drop. We will be moving between the 15th & 20th of this month.

Did you buy a house?
I wish. Unfortunately we still own the albatross in Ramona and are in absolutely no position to purchase a home here.

Why are you moving?
We love the home that we are in and we love our neighborhood. However, our rental company (at the wishes of the home owner) was not willing to extend our lease and we were on a month to month basis. Not only were we uncomfortable with the fact that the owner was considering moving back in at some point in the future or putting the property on the market, we were also worried that we might be told to vacate during a particularly busy ministry month--say, December. All of that on top of the fact that we needed to find something that was a little cheaper (because of the fact that our California home never sold) led us to look for another home. We decided to look closer to the church. Our new home will be about 10-15 minutes from the church depending on traffic whereas the one we are in now is 18-25.

Are you excited?
Um. I hate moving. I love this house and this neighborhood and I love living near a particular family in my church. I love my WalMart and my Dollar Tree and I don't want to get new ones. But it does feel a bit like college where I moved every year and got to decorate and get ready for a new chapter in my life. I'm really hoping that we will be blessed with a second child while we're living in this new house and that we won't have to move for awhile. In that regard I am excited. I am also excited that my new basement will actually have heat.

I'm a little stressed because of adoption/children's play rehearsals/packing/having Thanksgiving at my house for the FIRST TIME EVER FOUR DAYS AFTER I MOVE/moving but I'll survive. Thanks for asking.

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