Friday, November 7, 2008


My child is deathly afraid of smoke detectors. It certainly doesn't help that ours go off all the time. If I so much as open my oven door when it's turned on, the alarm starts screaming.
Last night it went off while he was asleep and it took his daddy sleeping on his floor to make him fall back asleep. This afternoon it went off for about a half hour straight. Let's just say I got a good long cuddle session out of his fears.
And when it was all over, the brownies were burnt.


  1. um.

    I know this is illegal ( it? it's something. I know it's frown upon, I'll say that)

    BUT (I AM getting to my point)

    my smoke detectors were so very very VERY over-sensitive and annoying that I took the batteries out long ago.

    they were seriously so out of control. as in, if I even LOOKED at the oven or so much thought about preheating it, they went off.

    I think they took Bush's pre-emptive strike rule a little too far.

  2. frownED upon.

    why can't I get through a SINGLE post or comment without a typo?!

  3. I'm afraid of spiders. Spiders....smoke detectors.....same diff, right?!?!?!

    I feel your kid's pain, man.