Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear Utah

Dear Utah,

Thank you for your apology and I forgive you. When I wrote that last letter about getting your act together I hardly knew you would listen so well. I am pleased to discover that you are not above reproach. I respect that. Since that dismal day you have not snowed even once and I, for one, have been immeasurably grateful. And, dear Beehive State (although don't even get me started on that one), I will give credit where credit is due. Not only have you abstained from snow fall, you have had pleasurable weather in the high 50's and even the 60's. I glanced ahead at the ten day forecast and was pleased to discover that while the temperatures are supposed to fall into the 40's, there is no snow scheduled. I can only assume that this is the report you have given the weather people and, therefore, that it is your plan to take my advice on inappropriate November behavior. Thank you for caring about our relationship. I was starting to doubt you but then you stepped up and became a respectable contributor to this great nation. I figured that you would appreciate a public acknowledgement of such maturity. Don't make me regret my decision. Unfortunately, I must keep you on probation until the month is over but I am proud of the progress you've made. I care about you, Utah, and I want you to continue your Snowaholic Anonymous meetings. But, in the meantime, we can be friends again.

Miss California


  1. I'm glad to see you've made up. I'm not sure what the ski industry thinks about your deal with Utah though. J

  2. I know a retraction to this letter will eventually be written. Utah must remain true to itself after all.

  3. Hahahahahahha!!!!

    I think California could use a letter from you on how consistent 85 or 90 degree weather in November is also completely unacceptable. I'm sure that sounds lovely to you, but I am sick of it. I would appreciate that season called....wait, what is it called??? I can only recall "summer", but that's not the one I'm looking for...oh yes, FALL!!!! I hear it's quite nice, what with it's cool, crisp air. Perhaps California would listen to reason.

  4. I think Heather has hit on something here. I'm sure there is some agency out there that would pay money for you to influence the weather in their state. Think of the possibilities! J

  5. Does Utah ever write back? Now, be careful that you've made up. I've heard that Utah likes to make the moves on girls....quick hands. Watch out!