Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day 1981

In 1981 Labor Day fell on September 7th. I was born at 8:33 pm on September 8th after 23 hours of labor. I think it was 23 hours, I'm sure my mother will correct me if I'm wrong. In any case, I've always considered it a fun little anecdote that my mom went into labor on Labor Day. My Dad was working overtime and, the story I've always heard is that, when my mom told him to come home he correctly predicted my gender saying, "It's a girl. She's already costing me money."

Labor Day is supposed to be a day off for working citizens. In 1981, my mom sure didn't get the memo on that one. Or maybe I was the one who didn't get the memo.

*****Update*****My mom clarified, in the comment section, that my dad had not yet left for work. He was, apparently, walking out the door when her water broke. I suppose he still could have gone to work. I wasn't born for another whole day, after all. Not that I'm suggesting that he should have left my mom, mind you. I'm just saying, he shouldn't blame my gender for lost wages. It was his choice. Am I right?


  1. That's funny. My grandmother was born on September 7th on labor day. I don't remember the year but it was quit a while ago. :-)

  2. 23 hours is correct and Dad was just walking out the door to go to work when my water broke. He didn't even get to work. I always thought that labor beginning on Labor day was pretty appropriate.

  3. yours is one of the few birthdays i can remember consistently because of the whole labor day thing reminds me of the month and i remember the day because it's one ahead of mine. in my humble opinion, you're about to turn a fabulous age and i hope you're looking forward to it.

  4. NO, you are not right!!! I did not give him any choice but to do the right thing. Thank goodness I didn't have to ask him to stay home. That wouldn't have gone over very well. So, no, you started out costing him money.....but, nice try.