Sunday, September 14, 2008

Give My Regards to Broadway

As far as the game goes, my husband said it pretty well over at his new blog Empty Wooden Horses. I'm pretty much thinking about punching Ed Hochuli in the face. I know he's a good guy and all but he changed the outcome of a football game and possibly a play off chance. Only time will tell on the latter. And it was blatantly obvious. That's all I have to say about that. My husband says it better anyway.

Today we started rehearsing for the Children's Christmas Musical at church. I had written a letter to the parents explaining my background in theatre and the rehearsal schedule, etc. As a result, the following exchange occurred.

Kid: Hey, were you really an actor in college?
Me: Yeah.
Kid: What kinds of plays were you in?
Me: Well...
Kid: I mean, were you in Beauty and the Beast?
Me: No. I did...
Kid: But you were on Broadway and everything?
Me: (As I almost shoot milk out of my nose despite the fact that I'm not drinking anything) Uh. No. I've been to Broadway but I've never been on Broadway.
Kid: (clearly disappointed) Oh. So, then, what did you do, exactly?
Me: I acted in some plays in college and I did a lot of work behind the scenes of shows.
Kid: Like what shows were you in?
Me: Twelfth Night and Godspell. Oh and Hamlet, sort of. And I did backstage work on Into the Woods and Waiting for...
Kid: (Interrupting and dripping with disappointment) Huh. But you're sure you were never on Broadway?

Pretty sure, kid. Pretty sure.


  1. I had some catching up to do and just read about the latest adoption news and I was so happy for you guys. I also read the post that your mom wrote about you and it was so sweet, you guys are lucky to have each other.

  2. The kids reaction is just cracking me isn't ALL about are in a blockbuster ovie after all!
    Oh, and as for Troy's post, he references somebody maybe wanting to punch a certain ref in the face, yeah, I am sure that "Thou shall not punch anyone in the face" is in the Pastor's wife handbook, I'd look it up, but I "lost" my copy...

  3. I've completely given up on the Chargers. Doesn't take me long! Looks like they're going to have a year about as good as the Padres! There is, however, one sports team that's still worth watching...The Dawgs are 2-0! They won their first game 60-0 against Crawford, and this Friday they beat El Cap 35-7. Next week, Poway. I'll let you know if they're still worth watching after this Friday. 'Cuz it doesn't take much for me to give up on my teams, lol!

  4. LOL, gotta love'm. They will keeping you wondering.