Friday, September 12, 2008

Check Up

Yesterday was Garrett's check up. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Hey, didn't Garrett turn two a month and a half ago?" And the answer is yes. Yes he did. But this was the soonest they could see him. He weighed 28 lbs 7 oz and was 35.25 inches long. That put him in the 62 percentile for height and the 48 percentile for weight. She said he looked tall for his age to her and that she would have guessed a higher percentile. Tall for his age? Those are words I never thought I'd hear. When the doctor first walked in, Garrett, who is always shy around new people for five minutes before he remembers that he thinks he's the life of the party, pointed immediately to the trash can and announced, "Trash!" She said, "Well yes, that is the trash." Then he pointed to another trash can and proudly declared, "more!" They were instant friends but then she tried to put the stethoscope on his back and he freaked out. As he buried his head in my shoulder screaming, "Mommy! Mommy!" I apologized.

Me: (To her) I'm sorry. (To him) Buddy, it's not scary.
Her: Don't worry about it. I examine about 25% of the toddlers from under the chairs. Another 25% won't let me get within two feet of them. He's doing good.
Garrett: No MOMMY!
Me: Garrett, stop. You're fine.
Her: You know, it's great to see the attachment he's formed. As the pediatrician, I'm really glad he knows you'll protect him.

As annoying as the clingy can be sometimes, I was so sad to think about toddlers who don't think their parents will protect them. One Hepatitis A vaccine later, I think Garrett fell into that category. My ballistic toddler, the same one who barely shed a tear when he got vaccines as an infant, glared at me as though I was the enemy. He repeatedly looked into my eyes and said, "Owie!" Long after it stopped hurting he pointed to his leg and said, "Owie here." Funny thing was, he'd started pointing to the wrong leg. Overdramatic much? I don't know where he gets that.


  1. Yes I remember goint through the same thing with Brian. Unfortunatly when I get upset for my kids I laugh hysterically. Can you imagine trying to hold your toddler for the their shots laughing so hard you can hardly keep yourself still. I would hate to hear the rumors that went around the office about me when I left. When Jessica came along Jeremy took her to all of the shot appointments. By the way I never thought it was funny that they had to have shots, the laughing was out of my control. I still do it. When we got charged by a buffalo in Yellow stone I laughed at that also and I was freaked out and scared.

  2. When I took the girls in, at about that same age, Alyssa got her shot first, and Jenelle saw what happened and TOOK OFF, down the hall, I caught her heading out the door, You know towards the street. She still has issues with shots.And yeah, where would he get being dramatic from? Weird.

  3. When Caleigh got shots, Joseph would get sad for her and cry. He is a very sensitive big brother. Garrett will be able to dramatize to his younger sibling all about how mean you, making him get shots and all. J

  4. Well, hopefully Garrett will never run down the hall of the pediatrician's office screaming about how "someone is hurting" his sibling. As for the overdramatic part....I can't imagine where in the world he gets it.