Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Tomorrow starts my three weeks of crAzy. You probably won't see much of me for awhile. I'll try to post something or other once or twice from Oregon. I decidedly will not post while I'm at our women's retreat because I will be busy retreating. I may post from San Diego. In any case, you can be sure that when I come back in full force in the middle of October, I will have stories to tell. For now I need to go pack for three trips, plan a retreat, practice my talk for Friday night at the retreat and clean my whole house. I also need to finish blocking the Christmas musical so as to stay on schedule and finish several books I'm in the middle of. When I get a chance, my child really should be saying his ABC's and counting to at least ten by now. Not to mention I'm trying like crazy to get him to learn his colors and quantum physics.

Life is hectic.

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  1. Have a grrrrrrrreat time. Say Hi to my girl Heidi for me.