Sunday, September 7, 2008


So, first of all, I want to punch the network in the face for choosing to show the Cowboys and Browns game when, clearly, we knew who would win that one. Yeah, I know the Cowboys have a lot of fans nation wide and blah blah whatever. And yeah, I was able to watch the scrolling lines going back and forth on my computer screen but it really isn't the same. Sure I'm grateful that the network showed the last two minutes of my beloved Charger game but I almost died on my family room floor when it was over. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I thought the ball went through the receiver's hands. Why did I think this? Because no one made any noise at all and it took the announcers a full five seconds to explain that the Panthers receiver had actually caught the ball and thus, the Panthers had won the game. So now I want to punch all of the Panthers in the face also. Hard.

I might be too attached to football. Someone should maybe stage an intervention. God just took my halo away.


  1. Lori:
    Your lucky you didn't see the whole game---the Chargers only started to play seriously in the 4th quarter. Defense was lacking until late in the game.

  2. The same thing happened to me. My dad called me to say the last five minutes were on and to come watch. I now regret that decision. I blame your brother that I even care, lol.

  3. Ok. Please don't punch anyone in the face. At least not until you learn how to make a fist properly. I'm afraid you'll break your thumb. . .

    Not that you'd be all that scary attacking any one of the offensive linemen from an NFL team. Those giants have forearms that weigh more than you. If you really feel the need to punch one of them I suggest attacking the kicker or punter. Possibly the mascot of one of the Carolina cheerleaders.

    Better yet, maybe you should enlist in a self-help program and work on getting your halo back.


  4. i felt the same way and i was at the game, i also wanted to punch all the carolina fans who were laughing at us...oh man i still can't believe we lost

  5. Me too!!!! AURGH!!!!! That game, well, it hurt! I am still cleaning my brains off the walls after my head exploded.
    I think it's cause our pastor, Pastor Miles McPherson, prayed with them. He's got to stop praying with any teams other than our own!!!!
    I'm right there with you kiddo!
    except I'm here in San Diego...

  6. Seriously! I feel ya girl! I think I stopped breathing for a minute!

  7. I'm not a football fan, so I'll go straight to the intervention. God, being all-knowing, had you plan play practices on Sunday afternoons. Maybe I can influence our little actors to not know their lines, thus making practices last longer so you will miss all of football. J