Monday, September 8, 2008

My Mommy's Post

Tonight at 8:33, I'll be 27. I don't actually think this is especially noteworthy or blogworthy but then, this morning, there was like rock bottom, fifty feet of crap, then me because of this one thing which I will not be blogging about. My sweet sweet husband and equally sugary son showered me with cake and presents and mopped my pieces up off the floor but nothing helped quite like my mom's blog post. My birthday is a bit more lonely without my family around and I miss them a lot but that post sure helped. You should visit her site and thank her for raising me. It wasn't always fun and games, believe me.


  1. Happy Birthday Lori Snigglefathom! Sorry about the low points, whatever they are, but I am very glad you were born, and impressed with your parents efforts at raising you. :)
    May the rest of your special day be all glorious and happy.

  2. technically it is early early morning on the 9th but still wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday! So sorry about 'whatever it is you're not going to blog about'. Hope you day ended good. Hugs.

  4. Very nice post from your mother. That should have made everything better.

    Forgive me, but I thought that picture of the one year old was Garrett! J