Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tahoe Tessie

If you know Tahoe, you know the legend of Tahoe Tessie. She's the lake's resident monster. Stories about her began sometime during the early 1800's. Some people believe that any photo evidence of Tessie's existence is just camera angles making the small waves look serpentesque. Some think that sightings of Tessie have really just been large sturgeons. Others believe that there really is a lake monster living in the depths of Tahoe--for 200 years. I don't know, sea turtles live to be pretty darn old so I guess when you're talking about the lifespan of a monster you never can be too sure.

I believed in her when I was a kid and they made her out to be a friendly Puff the Magic Dragon type creature. I've always kind of thought of the East shore with a slight frightened curiosity. In fact, one summer when I was in college, my parents rented a boat and we spent the day tubing and skiing. Every time I jumped into that chilly water or fell off the tube I thought of the 1,600 feet of water between me and the floor of the lake and I felt my hairs stand a little on end. I was still worried about Tessie or, at the very least, large fish coming to get me.

Tessie isn't the big deal that she used to be. It's difficult to find friendly dragon merchandise anymore. I think that the museum dedicated to her has long been closed. But, apparently, old footage has been discovered. See what you think about whether or not there's a lake monster swimming around in Tahoe.


  1. HAHAHAHA! Awesome. How did you make it all old like that?

  2. Good thing I hadn't seen this footage before I went swimming at that very beach!!! HAHA.

  3. okay, I keep watching to try to see if that's your brother Jon in the mask, your father Jon in the mask, you in the mask, Troy in the mask.... nice.

  4. I find it fascinating that Tessie appears to have humanoid arms. I wasn't expecting that. Back to my research cave for a new "Tessie" theory.