Monday, August 25, 2008


Ah Chargers verses Seahawks. It doesn't get better than that in my house--even if it is preseason.


  1. I love football, and I watched the game, but preseason makes me kinda mad. Its such a teaser. Its like someone says to you, "You can sit here in this pizza place and smell what we're making. You can watch us make it. But since what really counts is eating it, well, you can't do that for another month."

  2. I'm hoping for a rematch in January.


  3. Nothing better than Charger football. I'm excited for this season! I hope it doesn't end like the Padres :o(

  4. Hmmm...we may have to get together for a Charger game blow out...especially if they do good this year.

    We'll be yelling at the SDSU v UU game Jeff graduated from there, I wasa there two years before transfering to Oregon State...another local game to attend here.

    Now really, aren't you just a bit sorry your family spent all those $$$ on PLN when they don't even have a decent football team to cheer?

    Tsk. Oh the follies of youthful decisions.