Thursday, August 21, 2008


I think if you were to look up the word cheeseball in the dictionary, you just might find this picture.

I'm not entirely sure where that particular word came from. I mean, I'm sure that the phrase, "You're a cheeseball," came well after the invention of the party type food commonly referred to as such. So then, how did it become a phrase we use to describe silliness? I myself have never thought of consumable cheeseballs as being particularly humorous. Tasty, yes. Gut busting hilarious, not so much.

We purchased the CD from Garrett's recent photo shoot and I'm really glad. See, I never would have bought the picture featured above because of the aforementioned cheeseballness. But now, I have it forever and always and if he gets out of line as a teenager I'll threaten to blow it up and plaster it all over the halls of his school. It's probably pictures like this one that will stick in my mind when we take to the dance floor at his wedding reception. If you happen to be there you'll see me become a heaving mess of emotions right there in the middle of everything screaming, "Don't leave me! You're my baby! You're just a little boy!" In case this happens, you have my permission to tackle me straight to the ground and deposit me in the nearest loony bin. I simply request that you stop by every now and again to loosen my arm restraints a wee bit.


  1. Permission to tackle the heck out of my older sister? Sweet. I would like everyone to know that if you ask Garrett to say "cheeseball" he will respond with something along the lines of "Eeeball!"

  2. I love this picture too. It's totally Garrett with or without a camera present. Of course he gets this from you . . . the desire to ham it up to make people laugh and draw attention.

    We may be raising another crazy thespian.

  3. Lovin' the cheeseball...too cute and definately a keeper.