Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm Just Sitting Here Eating My Crow

Okay. So I'm just sitting here eating my big plate of crow. And boy is it tasty! I'm so glad that I at least have voting options now. Like I said before, I won't vote for a ticket with Romney on it--unless God bashed me over the head with one of his campaign signs. Every political show I could find said that the announcement on Friday would be a resounding Romney. Silly me for believing them.

Now, I'll admit, I don't know a thing about Sarah Palin but you can bet that the self proclaimed feminist that I was in college is all over this action. Granted, I would never vote for someone simply based on their anatomy or their age or their ability to crack a joke. I care about the issues and I will research which candidate lines up better with my own views. When I find that neither does, there is always my husband. And if he picked Idina Menzel as his running mate, well then, all the better.

I'm excited about how historical this election just got. I know it was historical before but now it's really historical. Palin is 44. That makes her old enough to be my mother but only if she made a teenage mistake or grew up during biblical times. She's a former beauty queen and sportscaster. That means she might actually know which football teams play in which city. In high school, playing point guard for her basketball team, she was known as Sarah Barracuda. Think of it. Vice President Sarah Barracuda. In just a couple years she could take over the Oval Office. Because McCain is like 130 right? And with the way the Presidency ages someone, I'm thinking he's only got a year or two in him. Think of it. "Excuse me, Madame Barracuda, Airforce One is ready."

In any case, it just got interesting.


  1. Don't forget that she has five children. Their baby has Down Syndrome. Think of the White House slumber parties.

  2. Maybe we'll be in LA at the same time. & maybe we have the same attorney!
    I'm really happy for your sweet family and can't wait to read all the "non political" stuff about Garrett the 2nd.
    As for McCain, I'm just grateful he didn't choose Romney.

  3. oh my gosh, you crack me up. Lovin' the idea of President Barracuda. Nice.