Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tahoe Wednesday-Sunday

Well since you were updated through Tuesday I'll just start with Wednesday...

On Wednesday my parents went to pick up my brother and his girlfriend, Heather, from the airport in Reno. We decided to drive down to Emerald Bay which, aside from the east shore which I didn't get to on this trip, is the prettiest part of the lake--in my opinion. And I've been there on 12 (I think) different occasions so I think my opinion should matter. I lost my first tooth there which has to count for something. This was the first year that you had to pay to park in the main lot at Emerald Bay so we drove down a little ways and parked for free. We walked to the falls and Garrett was obsessed with the tunnel that goes under the road. We had to wade into it and talk in loud voices so that we could hear our echo. I took pictures of the bay even though I have many from previous trips. There is just something about Fannette Island that I love. It's hard to see it in the picture but I've always wanted to have tea in the Tea House located at the top. No one has tea there anymore, mind you, it is now just the shell of what used to be Lora Knight's tea house.
Here is one of the little pools made by the falls and the aforementioned tunnel. Garrett did not want to leave and would have played here all day if we'd have let him.
Later in the day we went to the beach near the cabin we stay in. I think this is where this picture was taken. The only reason I am posting it is because I am making the weirdest face. I don't think I knew Troy was taking my picture but my face is still all like, "Dude, what the heck are you taking a picture of me for?" Also, if arches were a weapon, my feet would so be totally deadly.

On Thursday we had a delicious breakfast at the Fire Sign Cafe. Then we rafted the Truckee from Fanny Bridge to River Ranch. If you know anything about this stretch of river, you know that rafting is a bit of an overstatement. Floated the Truckee would be a more accurate choice of words. We all had a great time. Especially this kid:

The questionable hat that he's wearing is circa 1970 something. My dad found it down at the bottom of the river well before I was even born. We've affectionately referred to it as the Truckee River hat ever since. There are pictures of me wearing it when I was a baby, although not on the Truckee because the first time I ever visited the most wonderful place on earth I was five years old. Our dog also had a good time on the river. He swam a little too much though and had to take a nap in our raft.

On Friday Troy took our car to the Car Doctor in Truckee and right after he got there they lost power for two hours. Neat. He was stuck there for half the day and they were unable to fix it. Of course, it took 131 dollars to figure out that they couldn't fix it. We have an appointment with the dealer on Friday. Please join with me in praying that the compressor is one of the parts still under warranty. While Troy sat in Truckee (this is a common occurrence for us--last time we realized that Troy's license had expired and we had to sit at the DMV there for hours and the employee was totally flirting with this girl and let her go in front of us and it was ridiculous and I do not have fond memories of the Truckee DMV) we all went back down to Emerald Bay. We hiked down to the beach and toured Vikingsholm Castle. I hadn't been there in probably 16 years and the bathroom situation was much improved. The bathroom experience of my youth is etched into my mind as the worst smelling restroom ever. EVER. I almost puked it smelled so bad and was so yucky ucky nasty filthy.

Jon and I debated swimming to Fannette Island even though it's, um, how do you say, illegal. But not, like, put you in jail illegal just you'll receive a stern talking to from the patrol boat illegal. I got about a quarter of the way there but he had chickened out (yes Jon, chicken. As in bagock or however you spell the sound a chicken makes) and turned around and I decided that I didn't really want to get in trouble all by myself. Plus, rule number 496 in The Pastor's Wife Handbook says something about obeying all posted signs. It was probably a good thing we didn't swim out there because, on the hike back up, I got a clear view of the island and the beach we'd been on and let's just say it looked a great deal closer from the beach. I'm a strong swimmer but I might have decided to live the rest of my life on that island instead of ever swimming back.

On Saturday morning Troy and I rented a wave runner for an hour for our anniversary. Even though we had to stay relatively close to the beach we rented from, we had a really good time. For those of you who think a toddler has no business being on a waverunner, don't worry. My parents kept Garrett for us. Later in the afternoon we went to the beach with my mom's cousin and her family (they live in the Reno area). Then we ate ourselves silly and had a great time catching up.

Early Sunday morning (1:30 am) my son decided he didn't need to sleep anymore and he woke up shouting my name. Well, actually, shouting Mama. It would have been really weird if he'd been screaming "Lori" for all the cabin to hear. Eventually we put him in bed with us because tiny cabin=rule breaking when child decides not to sleep in his own bed. After three hours of being wide awake he finally fell asleep. It was weird. He never does that. I am glad. My brother and Heather went parasailing on Sunday morning and they had a great time. I've wanted to go parasailing for most of my life but then I married an acrophob. My brother invited me to go with him and Heather but I figured that, for my anniversary, I should probably rent the wave runner with my husband instead of parasail with my brother. I'm certain that Troy agrees. We loaded up our car and then took Garrett rock hopping up Ward Creek while we waited for my parents, brother and Heather to get back. A few hours later I entered my state of mourning.

I've decided it's really not a good idea for me to leave Tahoe. I have an extremely hard time walking out of the cabin and getting in my car. I often wonder how long it would actually take for me to get sick of it and I think the answer is FOREVER. We drove into town and, after waiting for a long long time, were seated at The Bridgetender. I finally delighted in my scrumptious burger and, before I knew it, my trip was over. I almost cried as we drove out of Tahoe City.

Troy drove the first hour. I drove the next 3.5 and he finished with the final four. When it was his turn to drive I popped my contacts out and pulled Troy's blanket up around me. Nestling down into my seat I took a deep breath and the smell caught me off guard. It was the cabin. I'd know that smell anywhere and, to my knowledge, it's never stuck on a blanket like that before. I looked at him and smiled, "Your blanket smells like the cabin!" He smiled back and whispered, "Good."

It's wonderful to be married to someone who likes Tahoe. I know he probably doesn't like it as much as I do but then, probably few people really do. I'd go back this very moment if I could. Even though it would mean driving on the least scenic and most boring stretch of road. I'd still do it.

Here are a few more pictures:

Oh man are they so cute or what?

My four favorite boys in the same place! According to my son this photo features (clockwise from left) Dar, Dada, Raw-raw (sometimes now it is coming out as Raw-pa) and Baby. How Dar is toddler speak for Jon is beyond me. Since he calls himself Baby and his middle name is John maybe he will start referring to himself as Baby Dar. I think it sounds like something out of Star Wars but then, I've never been able to sit through Star Wars so who am I to know?

Below is a picture of my mom and Heather and Garrett. I feel like my mom is making a weird face but it's small on my screen so I can't tell. Mom, if you want me to change it just let me know. You know what, no. I'm changing it right now. You kind of look like a ghostly alien. I'll replace it with one where you look like your regular self. Garrett won't be looking at the camera but that's ok. He'll just be eating pretzels, like he did all week.


  1. I would love to go there today, it is so beautiful. Emerald Bay is definately my favorite area, it is amazing. It looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Do you notice in the photo with all of the guys that Garrett has his hand on Rah-pa's leg? Too cute.

  3. Welcome home, looks like good times. And no fair lookin' so good in your bathing suit!