Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today I woke up feeling slightly sorry for myself. Well, actually, I woke up feeling extremely groggy. It was very odd and I could hardly pull myself out of it. When the grog finally vacated I was left feeling a little off. I'm sure part of it has to do with Hello There, This Is So Not Tahoe and another part of it was probably Hey, Also, Your Parents And Brother Don't Live Here. In any case, I really wanted to take Garrett and get out of the house because yesterday we had a horribly whiny day. But finances are really tight what with the third quarter of taxes being due next month and adoption costs we can't afford and Stupid California House bleeding us dry so spending money wasn't really an option.

I'd heard about a place out in Herriman called the Splash Pad so I looked it up on the Internet and then we actually found it. Of course first I drove down the road and had to turn around and go back into the house because Garrett needed his eyes. That's what he calls the sunglasses that he is currently obsessed with. Daddy won't leave home without his so, logically, neither will Garrett.

The Splash Pad is built next to a regular park with normal toys for little people. The Splash Pad itself, however, is not normal. At least not to me. At least not for free. It has all kinds of holes in the ground that shoot water up and out. Additionally there are "shower" type hoses, a palm tree that has water falling over its leaves, buckets that spill water, etc. I seriously made Garrett's day and, being that it is only about ten minutes from my house, I intend to take him again before The Stealth White Wonder hits sometime in the fall.

Here is Garrett running around like a crazed maniac. I wanted to get the majority of the Pad in the picture so that's why he is so dern small.

Right before I took the following picture, he was facing me and cracking up. Of course, he decided that when I actually snapped the shot, he ought to show me his Lightning McQueen clad booty.
So since I couldn't get him to stand still for anything, I decided to shoot some video footage.

When we came home he played in his pool, had lunch, and watched a little bit of "Memo" before getting put down for a nap. Seriously, he'd watch Finding Nemo ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY if I would let him. But alas, I think he needs most of his brain cells so I limit that action. He's still awake because I can hear his squeaky Mater car in his crib. I sat down to half a banana, some cheese and crackers and an entire tomato from my garden because they are seriously delicious. With the morning at Splash Pad and my tomato, I decided that it just doesn't get better than summer.


  1. There is nothing more delicious than tomatoes from your own garden.

  2. That is a fun splash pad. Did you know there's another one just East of that one? If you turn left where the Maverick is (heading up 126th), you'll see the park there. It's right by my house.

  3. Fresh tomatoes, yum!
    I wish we had a park like that, so cool. There is one on Poway, but that doesn't help us much. Was the cement hot?

  4. You are such a good mommy!!! And wife for finding financially brilliant alternatives for fun.
    Props to you!!!

  5. MOPS starts on September 4th. I'm sure there's an easier way to communicate than through blog comments, but I'm too lazy right now. :D

  6. too fun! my boys are a little big for that sort of thing, but way back when, ours was at Viejas outlet mall, water squirting to the beat of the indian music....yeah, good times.