Thursday, August 28, 2008

Clearing One Thing Up

Concerning the post earlier, let me explain that McCain has not announced a running mate yet. I have just been hearing a great deal of buzz that it will be Romney.

Finally, tonight, Obama explained what he means by change. I don't know exactly how he plans to cut taxes and pay teachers more and get out of the housing slump and lower fuel costs all at the same time, but at least he outlined his plans. And he made fun of his name. And I'm pretty sure that, with the camera aimed right at her, his littlest daughter yawned. These three things alone are enough to make me stop making fun of him.

For a day or two.

Bring on John McCain and the Republican Convention. I can't wait to get my hands on some more blog fodder.


  1. And now we remember why you do not address politics. :)

  2. PS I would also like to know how Obama plans to do all these things (especially lower taxes) and pay for the trillion dollars in free health care and additional welfare programs he wants to create.