Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Hope

A few days ago my son thought I said dumb-ocrat. I found it hilarious and used that opportunity to poke fun at the Democratic Party.

My Republican husband is watching Huckabee on Fox News. The show is called South Carolina, Undecided and Mike is moderating a forum. At the moment, Mitt Romney is sitting in the hot seat. He just said " having free people and their dreams making America what it's always been, the hope of the earth."

America is the hope of the earth?

Oh, Mitt. Really? That's just about the most egocentric statement I've ever heard. Of all the people in all the cities in all the countries on this earth, America (I'm assuming that he is referencing the United States of) is the hope of this world.

Wow. I had no idea we were so awesome and every other country on this planet is, sadly, hopeless.

Look at me go. See, when it comes to making fun of government, I don't discriminate.

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