Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 1: A Day In The Life Of Me

A friend of mine started a project last year on Facebook called the 52 week project. Every week, people would post a photo on a given topic. My mom participated. Many of my friends participated. I did not. I figured I'd do the first week and then promptly forget. Plus I'm not really a photographer in the slightest. This year I decided, eh, what the heck. I'll go ahead and give it a whirl. If I forget for a week 32 weeks in a row who's coming after me? The Picture Police? Right. I thought not.

Then I got the bright idea that I'd go ahead and post them here. So, in theory, you can come along on the adventure with me, even if you aren't friends with me on FB.

For the first week of 2012, the theme was "A Day In The Life Of Me" I thought about several different ideas. One of them would feature the laptop with my blog pulled up, sitting next to my three (THREE!) Bible study books I'm working on right now. Proverbs, Covenant, and James, if you're curious. This would be placed on the table with action figures, dirty plates and a dust rag. Hanging from the chair would be Garrett's preschool bag and my cap and goggles. One idea involved the front of our church building.

But then I decided that I didn't really need to stage something when this would work perfectly well...
There now. Those of you who watched that video of Garrett dancing and then promptly forbade me to ever come to your homes because I called the room messy when it, in fact, was not, can now invite me into your house without fear of condemnation. This is the real me.

Alright, in actuality, this is not the real me. This is the real Garrett. This is the real Matthew. The real Lori is still trying to learn that this is okay so long as it gets cleaned up, in the end, by the people who did it. But I'm not there yet. I know moms who just help their children clean up the playroom once a day. I can't handle that. It gives me heart palpitations. I have trouble breathing. My level of anxiety rises. So in our house, the playroom gets cleaned two or three times a day. Often there is a one toy rule immediately following a cleaning. Because I'm not there yet. I'm a serious clutter freak. I'm afraid of the ways this will manifest itself when I'm old and senile instead of just young and uptight. Pharmaceutical medication may be necessary.


There is it. Week one. A day in the life of me. Cleaning and scrubbing can wait 'til tomorrow lunch time. For babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs pirate ships, tool boxes, stuffed monkeys and dinosaurs, dust go to sleep. I'm rocking lying on the floor making my best angry dinosaur voice with my babies way too big boys and babies way too big boys don't keep turn into even bigger boys.

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