Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 2: Resolutions

Well I already said that I don't technically make resolutions. So of course that popped up as my second photo for these 52 weeks. I did say, however, that I wanted to live more intentionally this year. I thought about taking a picture of my Bible and study books--since I plan on learning more about my God. I thought about taking a picture of the pool--since I plan on getting it in and swimming more laps than I did last year. I thought about photographing my kids, folded up in my arms, but I wasn't entirely sure how I'd pull that off. It would have been one of those really bad pictures where you turn the camera around and hope all the subjects actually end up in the shot. Someone's nose always looks thirty times bigger than it really is. This idea wouldn't have flattered anyone.

Today is Tuesday. The second Tuesday that I have met with a transracial adoption group here in the valley. It's incredibly important to me that both of my boys understand that there are other families that look like theirs. They need to see their faces reflected in other families as well as their own. It has warmed my heart so much to see my oldest playing with faces that look like his and faces that look like his brother. And it has been such a blessing to see Matthew, who usually exists in a see of peach colored bodies, to share time with shades of brown.

I want to be intentional about showing my sons that while we are unique family, we aren't the only ones. I resolve to see more of this...

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