Sunday, January 8, 2012

Strange Advertisement

This ad was running alongside my email tonight. Let's take a moment to examine it, shall we?
The way I look at it, this ad is saying one of two things.

1. This girl can get her act together and become a psychologist in just 18 months. This concerns me. I don't want her for my therapist in just a year and a half. Something is clearly going on in her life. Something troubling.

2. I can get my psychology degree in 18 months and help people like this. People who cry when cameras are pointed at them. People who frantically run their fingers through their messy hair. People who wear entirely too much eye liner.

Poor dear is like every emo girl I knew in high school and college all rolled into one. I don't think 18 months would put me anywhere near curing her addiction to eye make up. 

In all honestly, obviously I would have compassion for this girl if I knew her story (you know, if she wasn't just a model posing for a photo shoot) but the picture doesn't make me want to get a psych degree. In fact, it makes me want to throw away all my eye liner and comb my hair.

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