Thursday, June 16, 2011

That One Movie...

When we went to see Soul Surfer we did it with the idea that we might let Garrett see it. We had our parental filter on, deciding whether it would be alright for him to see. When it was over Troy said no. Something about how Jaws traumatized him for life and he didn't want the two second shark scene to terrify our boy. That seemed reasonable enough to me.

Last night I told The Rock Star that I was going out with some ladies. I didn't tell him what we were doing but later on in the evening I said something to Troy about "the movie" and Garrett immediately howled.

"You're going to the movies? Can I come?"

I explained that I was going with a bunch of women and that we weren't sure he was old enough to see it.

"It's about a surfer girl who lives in Hawaii," I said.

Nonchalantly he replied, "Is that the one where the girl gets her arm bit off by a shark?"

Turns out that when I was watching an interview with Bethany Hamilton and I thought he was watching something on television, he was actually listening to the interview as it played quietly on the computer. In it, she mentioned surfing that Halloween morning and she talked about the ensuing loss of limb. Apparently, it didn't bother my son at all.

So at some point we'll probably let him see it. It's such an incredible story of faith and overcoming adversity and how we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. But maybe I'll still fast forward through the accident sequence so that he doesn't stop loving the beach.

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