Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Soul Surfer

Last week, Troy and I went to see Soul Surfer for his birthday. The boys stayed with here because my mom and dad were visiting. And can I just take a moment to say, "God bless grandparents!" If you live in close proximity to your parents, do not take them for granted for two seconds. I can't tell you how often I think, "If only my parents lived here." There was a time when we lived by all four of our parents. Those were the days.


It's not like I think the film is going to win any Oscars. It's not going to get the year's Best Picture or anything like that, but it's one of those movies that just kind of sticks to you. We talked about it all night. And then it went to the dollar theater and I knew that I needed to go see it again.

I love that it portrays Christians in such a way that we don't look like complete quacks. I love that there is a Holy Bible and "Blessed Be Your Name" and a World Vision trip. I love the island of Kauai.

I was supposed to go see it on Monday but I ended up on an important phone call concerning the protection of my family and missed it. But I get to go back tonight. I'll leave the theater wishing I was a surfer, wishing I lived in Hawaii, wishing I could swim in warm water every day.

Wishing for everything about that lifestyle. Shark attacks notwithstanding.

When it comes to shark attacks, I'd much rather live by the Great Salt Lake.


  1. See, there's something good about Utah.

  2. I read the book years ago and absolutely loved it. I got so excited when I saw it had been made into a movie but it doesn't seem to be showing in England at all :(

    I hope everything else is going ok for you guys, lots of prayers coming your way.