Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taking Off

I used airline miles.

And I'm going to the LA area to have two fun filled days with my college roommates, one of which is turning thirty today.

Troy--with help from our good friend, Christy--is going to hold down the fort. I'll be back on Thursday and I'm hoping that I'm relaxed, well-rested, and overflowing with girl talk, delicious food and good stories.

I'll miss my guys. I always do. But when you live in a house filled with testosterone, an estrogen fix is sometimes very necessary.

Let us all pray for an uneventful flight, unlike that one time I went to New York and the crazy lady was screaming at her daughter to kiss the plane in order to save us all.


  1. Oh man, I had forgotten about that crazy kiss the plane lady. So funny. So crazy. Will pray for uneventfulness in the flying. :)

  2. Well you seem to be fulfilling your goal of "good stories."


    My word is "trasheco"