Thursday, June 2, 2011

Potty Progress

I forgot how often little tiny people go potty. Today Matthew used the toilet about 12 times and only had one wet diaper. That diaper was barely wet. Really. I thought it was dry. After sticking my nose within an inch of it and sniffing I changed my mind. And if you think that's too much information, well, you'd be right. He also had a poopy diaper. I didn't stick my nose in that one.

Typically, he runs into the bathroom, lifts up the toilet lid and then waits for someone to come take his diaper off. When he really needs to go, he runs to find someone older than him. Then he pounds on his diaper and yells, "HAVE POT!"

I really hope I never get pulled over by a cop while Matthew simultaneously needs to use the bathroom. Because. Seriously. They'll do a narcotics sweep of my car and my child's unmentionables.

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