Sunday, June 12, 2011

Excessive Poop

The Little Buddy pooped 13 times in 3 days.

That's what happens when one eats copious amounts of fruit and black beans.

Then he got the worst diaper rash either of my children has ever had. His brown bottom was red. And puffy. And bumpy. And if I so much as got a baby wipe within two feet of him, he recoiled. We took to using the bathtub, a wash cloth, and large volumes of diaper ointment. He walked as though he'd been riding a horse for days.

He's better now. It was a sad state of affairs for about a day.


  1. aquaphor and desitin, it'll help a lot and quickly :)

  2. i heard the best advice ever...and it worked perfect! our baby had a really bad rash and it was acid-y (not a word I know) but sounds kinda like you were writing about, blistering like sores if it gets at it's peak. USE MYLANTA. no, not to ingest it, but put it on a cotton ball and dab gently GENEROUSLY and air/fan it dry. nothing has worked better and the lady told me that putting the other creams makes it feel like you are setting it on fire to them because it keeps all the heat IN the rash, but the mylanta takes it away and cools it off and takes away the "acid" just like it would on the inside.

    just a FYI. it worked once for us. we haven't had to use it a second time, but it was a miracle!

    domboro is a great product also but not for an acid-y rash. my other two got rashes a lot and we used that with amazing success but theirs were never blistery like our youngests are.

    glad he is better now!